BMW i8

While the BMW i3 is designed to be used as a regular urban car, the i8 offers a sportier feel. We will not be using the i8, however if you’re curious about this new release please read on for my summary of the BMW i8 webpage.

The new BMW i8 – The most progressive sports car.


Watch the video! – click the link below

Experience a sports car that changes everything.

The sports car redefined: the BMW i8. 

  • More efficient due to its intelligent lightweight construction with carbon and aerodynamic design.
  • More sustainable, with highly efficient BMW eDrive technology and recyclable materials in the interior.
  • A plug-in hybrid that brings together the advantages of innovate electric motor and combustion engine technologies – a BMW TwinPower Turbo 1.5-litre, three-cylinder petrol engine.
  • The first sports car with the consumption and emission values of a compact car.
  • Unites the best of both worlds – offering sporty driving performance with low consumption and emission figures.

Design and Specification

At first glance it is every inch a sports car. When viewed more closely, an ingenious new vehicle concept is revealed. With a design devoted to two functions: efficiency and driving dynamics.


Exterior Design

The BMW i8 has all the characteristics of a full-blooded sports car with its long wheelbase, short overhangs and a solid stance. The front appears extremely low and wide, everything is arranged to be optimally aerodynamic. At the same time, the flat, but prominent double kidney grille reveals BMW genes.
  • Layering design elements in which surfaces and lines overlap and interweave, produces an extremely sporty appearance all round.
  • The surfaces join harmoniously, creating a compact and agile impression.
  • Adaptive LED Headlights fit in perfectly with the exceptional sports car concept.
  • Spectacular dihedral doors makes the sports car character of the BMW i8 recognisable in an instant- due to the aluminium, carbon fibre and thermoplastic used in their construction, they are approximately 50% lighter than conventionally built doors.


Interior Design
  • Visible carbon fibre elements in the door sill highlight the low weight of the BMW i8.
  • The centre console is aligned towards the driver and all passengers have a low seating position.
  • The iDrive Touch Controller is located on the centre console that optically divides the vehicle.
  • Drivers are able to create their own individual mood lighting with the special standard feature of ambient lighting.

Sustainability and Materials

  • The selected use of materials such as extra-lightweight plastic from recycled drinks bottles and other resource-saving elements allow sustainability to make its presence felt.
  • The NESO, CARPO and HALO interior designs provide a choice of high-quality materials – all three demonstrate that sustainability and premium quality are by no means mutually exclusive.
  • Best examples of this are the use of lightweight, recycled materials for the interior and leather that has been gently tanned with olive leaf extract.
  • The production of BMW i vehicles is powered by 100% wind energy, and production of the carbon fibre is powered by 100% hydroelectricity.
  • The energy used can also be sourced from sustainably generated electricity with solutions from BMW Green Energy.


  • The full torque of the agile electric motor is available from a standing start.
  • An innovative cooling system keeps the high-voltage batteries at their optimum operating temperature.
  • Intelligent energy management coordinates the interaction between the electric motor and the battery. The electric motor with the combustion engine is always geared towards maximum performance with minimum consumption. The result is a powerful and efficient plug-in hybrid system.
  • Electric drive, a powerful 131hp motor, is located on the front axle. The rear axle is driven by a powerful BMW TwinPower Turbo 1.5-litre three-cylinder petrol engine.
  • 231hp of peak performance and up to 320Nm of torque, combined with the electrical boost of the hybrid system.
  • These two drive systems combine to accelerate the BMW i8 from 0 to 62mph in 4.4 seconds – with fuel consumption of 134.5 mpg, and CO2 emissions of 49 g/km.
  • Brake energy, regenerated through one-pedal driving and during the deceleration processes, ensures an efficient increase in the purely electrical range.
  • The aerodynamically optimised design contribute to the ability of the BMW i8 to achieve consumption and emission figures comparable with those of a compact car.
  • A variety of modes for an exceptional driving experience, including COMFORT, ECO PRO, SPORT and the eDrive button optimise the properties of your BMW i8 to suit the driving situation.
  • 100% electric driving is possible up to a range of 23 miles with driving speeds of up to 75 mph.
  • Outside the city, the fully-fledged four-wheel drive of the BMW i8 shows its true strength – at speeds of up to 155 mph (electronically limited).


Efficiency and Dynamincs

  • Weight-optimised design boasts the lowest centre of gravity amongst all BMW vehicles.
  • A streamlined body, striking dynamic shape and low weight.
  • Aerodynamically optimised features ensure that maximum dynamics are combined with optimum efficiency.
  • A drag coefficient (cd) of just 0.26 underlines the status of BMW i8 as a sports car – with an aerodynamic design unlike any other.
  • The partly closed BMW kidney grille and the active air control vents in the front only let in as much air as the cooling system requires.
  • The precisely balanced airflow in the body allows for the highest driving dynamics and stability.
  • To make up for the extra weight of the electric battery, the passenger compartment is made of a carbon fibre composite which is up to 50% lighter than steel and approximately 30% lighter than aluminium, yet with the same highly-stable, crash-safe material properties.
  • LifeDrive architecture allows the BMW i8 to distribute its weight optimally across both axles.



Acting as an extension of the BMW i8 on smartphones, is the BMW i Remote App for iOS and Android. And thanks to BMW Teleservices, your BMW i Agent is always informed when servicing is required.

  • The BMW i Remote App shows you current information about the vehicle status of your BMW i8 including the charging status of the high-voltage battery as well as the efficiency and mobility, all directly on your smartphone.
  • You can send any addresses that you have saved on your mobile, directly to the navigation system of the BMW i8.
  • The navigation system supplies dynamic information as to whether local charging stations are in use and whether they are part of the ChargeNow network.
  • The BMW i8 communicates directly with the driver or the BMW i Agent. It indicates any necessary service or maintenance and transmits the relevant data for these appointments directly.



  • The high-strength carbon fibre passenger cell not only protects passengers, but also safeguards the high-voltage battery located between the two parts of the Drive module against external influences.
  • Innovative BMW ConnectedDrive Driver Assistance systems help the driver to remain aware of what’s going on around them and to react correctly in any given situation.
  • If a person or an obstacle is detected, the city collision warning with braking feature for pedestrians decelerates the vehicle when travelling between approx. 10 mph to 35 mph.
  • The collision warning additionally affords protection against a rear-end collision with the vehicle ahead at higher speeds.
  • If it is no longer possible to avoid an accident, the braking functions help to reduce the impact speed.
  • The camera systems of Surround-view and Side-view with object detection offer maximum comfort and facilitate parking.


  • The standard full-colour BMW Head-up Display transfers information relevant for driving, directly into your field of vision and thus increases concentration at the wheel.
  • The Battery Guard supports you by monitoring the high-voltage battery of the vehicle and notifying you if a deviation from the planned charging procedure occurs or, for example, if the vehicle lights have been left on for too long.
  • In the event of an accident, the high-voltage battery is automatically disconnected, thus ensuring no further unwanted energy can flow into the vehicle.
  • The high-voltage battery carries a warranty at 70% capacity for a period of 8 years or a distance of 100,000 miles, whichever comes sooner.



  • The BMW i8 can be charged at home with the BMW i Wallbox (charged to 80% of its full capacity in less than two hours) or the standard charging cable supplied with the vehicle.
  • A growing number of public charging stations are available on the roads.
  • BMW Green Energy offers a green electricity supply in cooperation with their partner Good Energy. A green energy contract gives you the ability to purchase electricity for charging your BMW i8 from 100% renewable sources – so that the energy you use to charge is completely emission-free.
  • In the non-electric driving modes, the high-voltage battery is charged directly by the petrol engine so that it is available for the boost function.
  • Most of the energy is fed into the battery in the SPORT mode, and the energy recovery in thrust and brake phases also replenishes the battery. In the COMFORT and ECO PRO modes, correspondingly less energy flows into the high-voltage battery, and if you are driving your BMW i8 in the eDrive mode, the high-voltage battery is charged exclusively by Brake Energy Regeneration.
  • The real consumption of the BMW i8 depends entirely on personal patterns of usage – individual driving behaviour has a higher influence on petrol consumption than is the case in conventional vehicles.


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