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As we will be using the BMW i3 to undertake this epic feat, it seems fitting to point out why we made this decision. Please read this page to discover the technology behind our journey.

Please visit the BMW i3 webpage for full details, however I have tried to summarise below!

The new BMW i3 – Electric, Sustainable, Urban.

BMW i3 picture 1

Watch the video! – click the link below

What is the BMW i3 like to drive? How do I charge the BMW i3? How does the BMW i Navigation work? What does the BMW i Remote App do? You can find out all the answers to these and many other questions in this film.

The BMW i3 defines the car of tomorrow.

  • Innovative eDrive drivetrain inspired and informed by BMW EfficientDynamics technology.
  • Locally emission-free and an almost silent driving experience.
  • Intelligent BMW ConnectedDrive Services.
  • Innovative LifeDrive architecture with Carbon Fibre Reinforced Plastic (CFRP) passenger compartment employs high-quality, sustainable materials throughout.
  • High-voltage lithium ion battery, dynamic electric motor and intelligent energy management makes for an impressive range and a truly agile driving experience.
  • Innovative mobility services that support the BMW i3 before, during, and after the journey – the BMW i Remote App makes charging at home or elsewhere is simple.
  • When you’re driving, the BMW i Navigation with range assistant means you always know how far you can go and where the nearest charging station is.

Design and Specification

Driven by pure electric power and customised for sustainable transport. Every detail has been optimised to create an integrated concept where every component plays its part perfectly.


Exterior Design

Seen from the front, the BMW i3 is immediately recognisable as a true BMW. The modern interpretation of the kidney grilles and the standard LED u-shaped daytime running lights immediately catch the eye. Hinting at its emission-free electric drive, the kidney grilles are fully closed – no cooling air needs to flow through them.

  • Dynamic and compact proportions hint strongly at its excellent manoeuvrability.
  • Short overhangs on the front and rear of the vehicle make parking simple.
  • The window design and door sills combine to create a dynamic form and the coach doors offer convenient access.
  • Typical BMW i streamflow design features are apparent in the way the window surfaces in the tailgate merge to offer an excellent all-around view.
  • Large 19 inch alloy wheels reduce rolling resistance, which, combined with numerous aerodynamic details, create the most efficient drive.
  • The large tailgate opening offers easy access to the luggage compartment.
  • The luggage compartment can be enlarged further by folding down the rear seats.

Interior Design

  • The battery is stored in the floor of the Drive Module, so there’s no transmission tunnel to divide the space, leaving more space for the driver and passengers.
  • With no central transmission tunnel, you can easily switch sides to exit the vehicle.
  • The freestanding steering wheel is a unique feature.


Sustainability and Materials

  • KENAF fibres in the door panels – a fast-growing member of the cotton family, which is particularly sustainable, with a characteristic fibre structure which remains visible after processing.
  • A completely naturally-tanned leather, using olive leaves, that offers outstanding quality and feel.
  • The Eucalyptus wood of the instrument panel, comes from 100% certified, responsibly-managed forests in Europe. The result is shorter supply channels that add to sustainability in every stage of production.
  • The textile seat covers are made from almost 100% recycled polyester, which is manufactured from up to 34% PET – natural benefits: breathability, moisture- and temperature-regulating.
  • Other textiles used in the interior in the headliner, on the floor, in floor mats and the luggage compartment trim are also sustainably produced.
  • Along with the use of natural materials, 25 percent of the plastic used in the interior comes from recycled material or renewable resources.
  • BMW also let you choose an interior design that reflects your own tastes.

interior 2

  • The electric motor of the BMW delivers 125 kW/170 hp with a torque of 250 Nm.
  • The full torque is instantly available from a standstill.
  • It will take you from 0 to 37 mph in under 4 seconds and to 62 mph in 7.2 seconds (7.9 seconds with Range Extender).
  • The eDrive lets you brake with the accelerator pedal. If you take your foot off the accelerator, the electric motor switches into generator mode and feeds the energy gained from the motion of the wheels back into the high-voltage battery.
  • Low centre of gravity contributes to the driving dynamics of the vehicle.
  • The aluminium chassis, electric motor, lithium-ion battery and Intelligent Energy Management are combined in the Drive Module, embedded deep inside the vehicle.
  • The new BMW i3 is not only extremely safe, but also agile and dynamic to drive.

Energy Efficiency

  • The specially developed high-voltage lithium ion battery sets new standards in terms of energy efficiency.
  • The intelligent heating/cooling system ensures that energy performance is less affected by temperature fluctuations than you would expect.
  • 8 year/100,000 mile high-voltage battery warranty as standard, along with the 3 year unlimited mileage vehicle warranty.
  • Low energy consumption electrical components – interior heating system saves up to 30% power, energy-saving LEDs are used for the interior lighting and are also available as an option for the exterior lighting.


Driving Modes and Range
  • With the standard COMFORT setting, the BMW i3’s real-world range is up to 100 miles – depending on driving style, traffic situation and road conditions.
  • The BMW i3 with Range Extender makes a range of up to 186 miles possible with one 9-litre tank of fuel.
  • The range extender is a small, smooth-running combustion engine that runs on unleaded petrol. This acts as a generator, which maintains the charge of the high-voltage battery so that the vehicle can continue to drive electrically.
  • ECO PRO mode, with the adapted accelerator pedal feature and reduced air conditioning, demands less power, and increases the possible range by up to 12%.
  • The ECO PRO+ mode is specifically oriented for range. For this reason, the top speed of the BMW i3 is reduced to 55mph and systems including heating and air conditioning are deactivated. When compared to the COMFORT mode, the possible range is increased by up to 25%.
  • The dynamic range display shows destinations that can be reached directly in the form of a spider diagram for each of the three eDrive modes – depending on the destination chosen, the range assistant recommends switching to the ECO PRO or ECO PRO+ driving mode to increase the electric range by 20%.
  • The battery can be fully charged in up to 8 hours from a conventional socket.
  • The standard 32Amp AC Fast Charging can reduce charging time to less than 3 hours (0-80%).
  • The optional DC rapid-charge function takes less than 30 minutes (0-80%).
  • The BMW i Navigation with BMW ConnectedDrive allows the BMW i3 to display the nearest charging stations and their availability in real time.


The BMW i3 is the first fully online all-electric vehicle, thanks to its bespoke range of BMW i ConnectedDrive solutions for electric vehicles.

  • The BMW i Navigation with range assistant and display of charging stations will show you the most efficient route to your destination.
  • The BMW i Remote App brings your BMW i3 to your smartphone – including range display, battery condition and level of charge, service messages and also the vehicle’s location.
  • Charge Control – charging at the charging station can be started or ended remotely.
  • With BMW TeleServices your BMW i Service Authorised Workshop is always up-to-date on your service needs.
  • The Battery Guard monitors the high-voltage battery and notifies you if something unexpected happens during a planned charging procedure or, for example, if the lights of the vehicle were left on for too long.


A special safety concept was developed for the BMW i3, tailored for electric vehicles.

  • The exceptionally strong vehicle passenger compartment is made of Carbon Fibre Reinforced Plastic (CFRP) and offers protection for the high-voltage lithium ion battery, which is optimally positioned in the Drive Module, safe from the outside world.
  • Innovative driving assistant systems help you make the right decisions. And, in case of emergency, there’s a wide range of services to help you to stay safe.
  • With the optional Driving Assistant Plus, the BMW i3 will warn you before a potential collision happens and can automatically maintain speed and distance in city traffic and traffic jams. The Park Assist option makes easy work of parking.

The Future




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