Donations and Updates

The fund is currently up to £1,619 with a target of £2,000 – Thank you so much to all who have already donated! It seems we may pass the target soon!

We have noticed that there have been some large donations and for this we are extremely grateful. We wouldn’t however want this to put off anyone who was thinking of donating a smaller amount, say £5 or £10, as even a £1 donation would be gratefully received. We all know the very APT phrase, especially where donating to charity is concerned, that ‘every little helps’. Plus don’t forget that ‘little’ is subjective anyway.

Vince wanted to say that “Many a Mickle makes a Muckle” – as his Scots friends would say. Or as his mum used to say “It’s the thought that counts.”

The Car!! (seems to be a kind of prototype…) as on Sunday Vince reported an unusual noise at the rear… “where the range extender lurks”. I should note that quotations are from Vince’s playground of a mind. Everything is meant for the purpose of fun, is mostly safe, but ultimately constructed for play. And what is play? A joyous and outward form of imagination. I doubt one could understand Vince without knowing that he has a large capacity for imagination. Perhaps this adventure is a trip down the rabbit hole? I digress. Vince reported an unusual noise at the rear of the car “where the range extender lurks.” The range extender failed to maintain the battery level as it usually does. Which is not great news considering we may be relying on it during the trek across the highlands of Scotland (I keep bringing up this area of our journey… I think this will be the most testing… we shall see). Perhaps I will stay in the boot bed most of the time and consider myself as Alice, except in someone else’s world.

As a result of this peculiar noise and the i3 seeming to shudder along, “the car was taken in to Elms to have it’s fault codes checked” (what?). “On re-start everything has worked fine since, so it might be an electric glitch that has re-set itself.”

Some time yesterday, I forget, a man from Elms dropped off the i3 at the house; all fixed(?). Vince tells me the software has been updated (the car has software?). You see this particular i3 was one of the first in the country as it was the demonstrator for Elms. Thus Vince technically bought it second hand. The point to all this is that said software was outdated and required 3 software updates. Vince has pondered whether this may be the reason the car would not ‘rapid charge.’ We shall, as ever… of course, find out.

Vince has driven nearly 3,000 miles in the car (in two months) and “simply cannot stop driving it.” This bodes well for the journey, however I do have many fingers crossed that the car holds out to John o’Groats; considering we will be doing the whole journey unaided without a convoy of helper vehicles. For some reason the image of the Scottish Highlands just creeped into my mind. No idea why.

Oh just to update you on today’s playground activities, we were going to leave yesterday for Lands End, and then today, but I may have convinced Vince to depart in the early hours of tomorrow morning. Why? Because I’m not ready! You know that feeling before something exciting, but kind of frightening, is about to happen? Yes… I have that. Vince is bounding around, perhaps like the rabbit who must not be late? I am Alice… confused and mystified – being told not to worry, and just to enjoy. Ok.

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