One week to go

Only one week stands between us and go time.

Firstly, Vince wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone who has donated so far. If you haven’t read it on the Just Giving site yet, here it is:

“I am enormously grateful on Carole’s behalf for so many donations already and for the kind, thoughtful and accurate comments about Carole as a teacher. She loved teaching and her pupils (but hated admin!) and would have been very moved that so many are returning her love now.” – Vince

The money raised so far stands at just over £1,300. Thank you! There is still time to donate for those that haven’t yet! Click on the Donate tab above or click on this link: Donate

A lot has been happening since the last update. Vince has been very busy contacting friends and family, schools and Unions that Carole worked in and also various companies such as BMW  to promote the Hum, all of course with the intention of raising money for Mesothelioma UK. There is a list somewhere of all the people that are helping us by promoting the Hum on their own newsletters and blogs. I endeavour to find it and post it here as a thank you to all of them.

As the number of followers rise, due to this wonderful promoting, I become increasingly aware that my blog writing skills may need practising. So here I am. Hello! If I haven’t said already, my name is Louise Rayner, navigator, researcher and recorder of things (from the mundane to the out right mysterious) – which will of course inevitability transpire due to Vince’s nature (nurture?) – have you met Vince?

The car has had a couple of hiccups so far… the slow charge (regular 3-pin house plug method) melted. But that’s all been checked and replaced. I’ve also been made aware that on a separate occasion Vince was happily driving along (humming along?… sorry) when the car decided to proclaim a fault. Something along the lines of “Drive straight to the dealership and do not turn off the vehicle.” Because that’s not at all worrying. The conclusion seemed to be technical… a minor (possibly reoccurring) glitch in the computer. What?

Other than that, the car seems to be running well! Vince is going to show me how to fold the seats down in the back so we can create storage space and… a bed. It is raining today, I’m pretty sure Vince mentioned we may take a tent with us. Hmm. Boot bed is sounding rather comfortable right now.

I have just mentioned to Alex, Vince and Carole’s son, that it appears Vince’s way of doing things is rubbing off on me. My organisational skills (others would call them my incessant OCD planning skills) have fallen by the wayside and I find myself a week away from a 900 mile journey, in an electric car that will need 4 hour charge breaks every 100-200 miles, through Devon and the Highlands of Scotland… not exactly knowing what is going to happen. Alex grinned at me and said “yes, but dad’s way always seems to work out!” I am starting to feel a certain faith in his way of doing things. However, all will be tested when I am searching for a place of privacy in a muddy field? I’m sure I would end up retreating to my boot bed curled around this laptop writing about it and hoping I have signal to inform you all!


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